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Empowering girls from ages 13-18 to become innovators.

“We groom girls to be first rate version of themselves, and not a second rate version of someone else.”

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Tobi Agbonlahor

“The Girls in Technology Initiative just like the Women in Human Resources is born out of the desire to see women break barriers in their professions. For GITECH, they are mentored to succeed in the tech space ”

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Carolina Astaiza

“We groom girls to be leaders everywhere they may be. From becoming CEO who runs Fortune 500 company to becoming top inventors. The world is filled with strong women who continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes.”

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“As an organization given to young girls empowerment, we believe in doing the best we can. Because we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another by so doing.”

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GiTECH is not just an empowerment initiative to groom girls in tech, but also a learning hub where girls can learn principles of uprightness in the society.
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More girls are in school today than ever before, but they do not always have the same opportunities as boys to complete and benefit from an education of their choice.

Too many girls and women are held back by biases, social norms and expectations influencing the quality of the education they receive and the subjects they study.

They are particularly under-represented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, and consequently in STEM careers.

Despite national conversations about gender diversity in tech, the female child is still underrepresented, underpaid and often discriminated against in the tech industry, numbers show in the

The Employment Gap
Degree Gap
Retention Gap
Tech Workplace Culture Gap
Tech Start-Up Gap
The Pay Gap

The ratio of women that report seeing no other females in meetings is 11:100. Only 40% say that other women accompany them to these meetings.

women earned only 19 percent of computer science degrees at the bachelor level in 2016, compared to 27 percent in 1997

Capital One’s Women in Technology report, surveyed 250 women who have remained in tech careers at least eight years and occupied senior roles, as well as 200 women who left the tech industry after three or more years

A 2017 poll in the Pew Research Center report found that 50 percent of women working in STEM organizations said they had experienced gender discrimination at work, while only 19 percent of men said the same. The numbers were even higher for women with a postgraduate degree (62%), working in computer jobs (74%) or in male-dominated workplaces (78%).

Tech startups with at least one female founder reported more difficulty finding funding, with 87 percent saying it was “somewhat or extremely challenging,” while only 78 percent of startups with no female founder said the same.

For computing fields, women earn 87 percent of what men earn. The numbers are even worse for black women in STEM who earn around 87 percent of white women’s salaries and just 62 percent of what men earn.

Why is all this Important Now

The fact that maths, physics and chemistry are perceived to be more ‘male’ subjects acts as a deterrent for some female students who would otherwise be interested. It also means that girls are less likely to be pushed forward in these areas.

Girls may be enthusiastic about a career in computer science. But obviously, not many of them follow that dream. There are many causes for that.

A report by PWC on Women in Tech which looked at the experiences of 2,000 A-Level and university students in the UK confirmed that the view that the gender gap in technology starts at school and continues into further education and beyond

Inequality in the workplace begins with inequality in the classroom. Research has shown that the gender stereotyping of STEM subjects such as mathematics and science has a direct link to fewer girls choosing the subjects in both high school and secondary education.

Recognizing the conceivable detrimental future of females in technology and the need for change, in relation with the united nations sustainable development goals 4,5,8,9 &10, cognizant with the irreversibility of time, WiHR has come up with the GiTECH initiative to save, educate and empower our younger selves, our children, our GIRLS, our LEGACIES. Irrefutably conceding that REAL, CONSTANT and PERMANENT change can only be done via the younger generation.


About Us

  • GiTECH is led by an all-volunteer committee of Women in HR (WiHR) Initiative members who are dedicated to initiating programs designed to excite, inspire, create awareness and educate teenage girls in the vast array of career opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • We are on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a “tech girl” looks like and does

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